I’m nominating myself for the 10 Day Gratitude Selfie Challenge.  It was some kind of pre-Thanksgiving, let’s-start-giving-thanks-right-now thing on FB.  Nobody nominated me for it, but my feelings weren’t hurt.  I took one look at somebody else’s and I said to myself, “I want in on that.  Fasten your seatbelts.  Here we go.”

(However, due to the ongoing are-you-kidding-me bags under my eyes, I’m not sure if there will be daily selfies, but I will go with the gratitude element. Although…hmmm…I could be grateful for these under eye bags because they are huge and could probably carry my keys if necessary. Right. Could work. I’ll put this idea on the back burner. Time to get back on topic, Lori.)

Day 1: I am immeasurably grateful for MJB/my hilarious husband/supportive family/great jobs/nice co-workers/etc AND the presence of the OverDrive app in my life. Fellow bibliophiles, have you met OverDrive? It’s an e-reader app that allows me to check out books from my library with minimal hassle. I’ve been using it since the summer and I absolutely love it. (And I’m probably the last one to the e-reader party, but that’s okay. Fashionably late and whatevs.)

An added bonus of OverDrive is that the beloved, aforementioned husband can no longer say unreasonable things like, “Missy, why are there ten books on the windowsill and another five on your nightstand? Are you really reading all of those right now?” As you might expect, the conversation kind of stalls out after that. I mean, really now…how should one respond to such queries???A slightly diminished pile still floats around the house, but most of my reading-right-now books are tucked away electronically.

Win-win, OverDrive. You are appreciated.